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Experience and the highest quality

Experience and the highest quality

What makes us unique?

We have produced personalized binders and other presentation materials since 2001. In our work, we concentrate on the highest quality, regardless of whether we produce a single copy, or thousands items. You will order the product exactly you need, and many copies as you need. Design your own ring binder, or use one of the forms. Do not overpay for the excess number of copies, and do not wait for weeks for the execution of the order. It is so easy!

The highest quality of printing

Our binders are printed digitally or offset depending on the number of copies. The digital printing technology is perfect if you want to act quickly and produce low or average number of copies. However, in the case of the execution of a large number, the offset printing is applied.

Advantages of digital printing:

It is possible to produce even one item.

Printing flexibility - short series with different motifs, personalized printing, it is possible to order a reprint with current data.

The finished product in the shortest possible time.


 Advantages of offset printing:

Very high quality in terms of colour and adjustment of pages.

It is possible to use any number of special colours, in addition to the standard CMYK colours.

Profitability of printing of a large number of copies.


We print in the CMYK colour scale, and if special colours are used in the design, then prices will be negotiated individually.

Finishing and protection

The product ordered on Segregatory24 is extremely durable and retains its gloss for a long time. Why is that? Due to the lamination, i.e. coating paper with a special foil. The laminating service is included in the price of each ordered product. You decide whether you want your product to be protected with glossy or matte foil, or matte and scratch-resistant foil. Regardless of which foil you select, you will receive the highest quality product, both in terms of aesthetic and utility. Lamination protects the paper surface from dirt, moisture and other external factors.

Technology and materials

When ordering personalized products on Segregatory24, you can be sure that they will be produced using the best quality materials. The materials that have been proven millions of times in our other products. You have such a guarantee, regardless of whether you order one item or a large number of copies.
In addition, you decide on the appearance of the product. You select the type of mechanism and accessories, thus adjusting its appearance to your individual needs.

Perfect accessories

Are you looking for other accessories? You can equip a binder with a special metal handle for easy removal from a shelf, you can further protect edges and corners, you can add a pocket for a business card, or a DVD. You have a wide range of possibilities in terms of accessories!

Selected accessories:

Section circle - it is a metal hole for a finger, mounted in a section, which allows to remove a binder from a shelf.

RADO eyes - oval, metal holes mounted in the first page of a cover. Due to RADO it is possible to close a binder, which makes it stale even under the weight of a large number of documents. Due to RADO, the width of a section is reduced.

Practical self-adhesive pockets - allow you to freely place additional items in the binder.  The offer includes pockets for business cards (100x60mm), triangular pockets (170x170mm), pockets for DVDs (130x130mm) and section pockets for labels.

3M™ Dual Lock™ Velcro - transparent velcro made of plastic, its mechanism is based on the interaction of hundreds of micro-hooks of a mushroom shape, densely arranged on the surface of an adhesive tape.

We look forward to your opinion!

Regardless of how many years of production experience we have, your opinion is always the most important for us and helps us to continually improve our products.

We look forward to feedback and questions!