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Do you represent an advertising agency? Are you looking for a reliable partner for cooperation?
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Why is it worth to order at segregatory24.pl?

On the website of Segregatory24.pl, you can select the product configuration and providing us with the design files to be printed.

Segregatory24.pl system will allow you to manage your orders in one place.

The price for your order is generated by the system and automatically reduced by a commission fee of 12% compared to the price presented to individual customers on sergegatory24.pl.

You decide and you can shape the final price for your customer.

Order 1 item

Before you produce the entire circulation, do as many tests as you need to make sure that the generated product is what you need - you can order even 1 item.


Quick implementation - delivery from 7 to 10 days

Full control over the order course in the customer's panel on segregatory24.pl.

Join the programme

To join the programme , create an account and send an e-mail to partner@segregatory24.pl with the information about your willingness to join the affiliate programme.