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Preparing files for printing

Our products are largely die-cut products. To prepare the graphic design, it is necessary to use the mock file available on the product card - configuration page, under the tab “Mock-ups”. The mock-ups files vary depending on the product variant, therefore, only after you have selected all options, you need to download a mock-up for the design. The design should be adjusted to the mock-up to the dimensions, bleeds and internal margins. The best solution is to place in the same file a separate layer with a blanking die, and execute the design on separate, lower layers of the design.


Bleed is the printing area that goes beyond the edge of the final publication (cutting edge of publication). Applied bleeds ensure that the printing area will go to the edge when a sheet is cut. In all designs, regardless of type, bleed should be at least 2mm (can be larger).

Internal margin

Every project sent to the printing house should take into account the so-called internal margin of safety, which should not include any important elements. It is necessary because during the cutting process of a sheet to a final format, there may be minor shifts resulting from the technology, and as a result these important elements can be cut off. Safe internal margin for all designs printed in our printing house is at least 3mm (it can be larger).


They should be provided only in PDF format.

Files to be printed should be prepared as a printing PDF in CMYK colours, without additional colour profile (such as ICC). Resolution of the bitmap elements should be at least 250dpi, and black texts should be prepared as 100% black. A file prepared for printing cannot include any elements of the technology card.

All this ensures that the end result will be exactly what you expect.